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Impulse lectures

Through impulse lectures I give an insight into psychological and sexological topics, which can be helpful to get a new perspective.

Regardless of whether it is a congress, a company event or a private event, a lecture gives the audience a lot of impulses, ideas and suggestions to reflect and develop.  

Tailored lectures are offered for different target groups, for example on the following topics :


Orgasm Gap ​​​

Why do women experience orgasms less often than men? Spoiler: There are no biological reasons for this, only sociocultural!

Female and male anatomy

Did you know that women also have a prostate? And that a clitoris is about the size of a penis?


How do we communicate in ways that contribute to mutual wellbeing? Nonviolent communication provides answers.


How do I find my way out of stress and towards serenity? And how can I protect myself preventively against stress?


What are the benefits of mindfulness and how can I cultivate them in my everyday life?

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