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Sex and couple counseling 

Sex counseling includes imparting knowledge and education, as well as conflict management in the event of sexual difficulties and concerns. This promotes sexual well-being, which is an important part of sexual health, according to the WHO.


Sexual dissatisfaction and sexual disorders are common reasons for seeking sexual counseling. They can be caused by psychologicalsocial and physical factors.


From my experience in sex research, I bring the knowledge and the appropriate methods with me to advise you on your concerns.


I also offer couples counseling which primarily focuses on communication training.

Liebhabers Schatten

    My specialization

Female sexuality:

Why do straight women have orgasms less often than men?

Sexual personality:

What needs do I have?

Sexual dysfunctions:

Why do I feel less aroused?

Why am I not reaching orgasm?


How do I communicate my needs?

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