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Psychological counseling as help for self-help

Every person goes through phases in life in which they have to deal with stress. Are you in a similar phase right now? Perhaps you've been putting off certain decisions for a long time, but are having a hard time tackling the subject on your own?

Or do you have the feeling that the demands of work, social environment or health are currently burdening you and you have lost track of everything? Or you may know what action to take, but you lack the strength and motivation to do so.

All of this is completely human, and we all feel like that at times. My first advice on this is to accept that you are in a difficult time - and seek support to improve your wellbeing.


It can be very helpful to have a neutral person available to examine the situation, subjective feelings and options for action with you in order to find possible solutions that you can implement.

With mindfulness-based methods, I would be happy to support you in your self-development.



If you are looking for psychotherapeutic help, which is paid for by the health insurance, please contact the Chamber of Therapists:

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