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Welcome serenity - ways out of stress

In this course you will learn how you can feel physically and mentally well despite constantly high demands, how you can remain productive and regenerate quickly. You strengthen your individual competence in dealing with stress and prevent negative consequences for your health.


By developing coping and relaxation skills and preventive protective factors, as well as strengthening personal resources, chronic stress effects should be avoided and the level of arousal reduced.


The course takes place in a group and is based on the individual stress problems of the participants. Many practical exercises teach you the strategies that will allow you to deal with stress in a healthier way in the future.

Course content:

  • Providing information on stress, stressors and the biology of the stress response

  • Analysis of the stressful situations

  • Strategies for changing dysfunctional thought patterns

  • Motivational goal setting

  • Mindfulness exercises and relaxation

  • Strengthening personal resources and promoting positive emotions in everyday life

  • Training of social and communicative skills

The prevention course according to §20 SGB V is certified by the Central Prevention Testing Center and is recognized and subsidized by health insurance companies. 


The course takes place weekly (10 weeks) or as a compact course over a whole weekend. 

Information on upcoming dates on request.

Price: 150 € - However, depending on the health insurance company, the course is subsidized up to 100%!


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